Cartomancy: Exploring a deck of playing cards. #1

The Aces in your deck of cards are of course known as the highest cards. In Cartomancy, they are the most spiritual cards. They usually point to home and environment. For instance, the Ace of Spades appearing in a reading could signify an upcoming move or a new roommate. Or possibly a relative coming to stay for a week. The Spades and Clubs typically stand for darker features when describing physical appearances. So, your Ace of spades would tend to mean your visitor would be dark haired with a dark complexion.

However.. I also tend to see the dark suits as more ominous, or negative than Hearts or Diamonds.


Missing in action:/

Hello, it’s me, Serenity😊
I apologize for my absence, my computer was down, but we’re up and running again.
I have put alot of thought into this blog, and the direction I want to take with it. I’ve decided to go old school with my card definitions. Yours truly, learned to read on regular playing cards, blessed of course. Therefore, I am going to be explaining tarot/cartomancy with average playing cards. Our first card will be the Ace of Spades, and we will delve into each card as we learn about tarot/cartomancy. I highly suggest blessing your cards in some manner before you use them for readings. We will discuss this further at some point.
Love, Serenity.

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Hey guys.. so sorry, I've been Wifi Challenged lately.. I've been anxious to get this blog up and regular though. A little bit of me.. 2016 was the roughest year I've ever experienced. But approx. July I became determined that 2017 be my best year ever. So I've been on a Spiritual, Intellectual, and Self-Evaluation Quest. By sheer determination, i started feeling happier and more hopeful, a little over halfway thru my "roughest" year. Things are still chaotic..I'm still trying to turn around, but jus knowing that I can and will has changed my whole world. Important advice ! Your outlook and perception really does matter in happiness 🙂 One thing I am determined to do is to spread the word about the obstacles I have overcome, and try to encourage hope, faith, and SERENITY. There is far too much negativity in today's world world. Thats all i have time for... Remember, be happy 😉 Love, SERENITY. P.S. I'll try to have the next installment in the tarot card 'descriptions' tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to ask if you have any questions.. im still trying to figure out how I'm going t set up the online Readings 💚