Absentee writer..

Hey! I gotta better phone, no laptop, STILL! If I get it this week I am going to get my blogs up and running again.. Patience is a virtue I’m finally learning ❤


Missing in action:/

Hello, it’s me, Serenity😊
I apologize for my absence, my computer was down, but we’re up and running again.
I have put alot of thought into this blog, and the direction I want to take with it. I’ve decided to go old school with my card definitions. Yours truly, learned to read on regular playing cards, blessed of course. Therefore, I am going to be explaining tarot/cartomancy with average playing cards. Our first card will be the Ace of Spades, and we will delve into each card as we learn about tarot/cartomancy. I highly suggest blessing your cards in some manner before you use them for readings. We will discuss this further at some point.
Love, Serenity.

Dear readers, if you are out there.. I hope you’ve been patient 😊 Serenity has been researching, pondering, and cooking up ideas to get this blog into the proper order to showcase her projects and ideas 💖 She is currently working on the First post in a lengthy, informative, and exciting in-depth look at the cards. This, along with her regular, Personal Tarot readings for others, has kept her frantic and being a perfectionist, she couldn’t start until things are just so! Beginning early this week, however, everything will be ready to launch🌷

Sincerely, Selah.

[Serenity’s assistant].


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